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Aluminium Gates

Our Aluminium gates are made using 65 x 14mm powder coated or timber-grain aluminium slats. This means they are maintenance free, a definite advantage over timber which, from time to time, may require the application of a couple layers of oil. Generally speaking Timber gates need to be oiled every 1-2 years whereas with aluminium gates, intervention is minimal.

For our driveway gates, we use a powder coated Duragal steel frame which offers extra strength. You then have the option of powder coating the gate to obtain the look you’re after and/or to blend into an existence fence style or home design. You’ll notice a popular style of gate finish is the timber-grain aluminium slat gate.  You can view examples of this style of gate in our image gallery below.

Both the aluminium slat gate or louvre gate are very popular within homes in the Sydney suburbs as they offer a more modern look. If it’s a double gate or a single access gate you need, you can select the width of the gap between each slat. We will obviously guide you as we have been building gates for a long time and know what looks the best. If you’re after a large sliding driveway gate, aluminium looks great and is strong. You can view a small sample of the gates we’ve made and installed below.

Once you’ve decided on the style of your gate. You then have the choice from the complete Dulux powder coat colour range as well as the Colorbond colour range to find what best suits your home.  these can be matched to your home.

As all of our aluminium gates are custom made, all we need are your gate measurements.

If you want a quick response on the price of your chosen Design Number, please fill out the request form at the bottom of the page.