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Gates are our speciality. We custom make all of our gates to your exact measurements so that they fit perfectly. We design, fabricate and install only quality Timber, Aluminium & Steel gates which will add value and secure your home for many years. None of our gates are ‘off the shelf ‘ and are only custom designed and built to your exact tastes and measurements. All of our gates are built, oiled or painted in our Windsor Gardens Factory in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide. We frequently make gates for the following applications.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are great for saving space in your driveway as they slide back behind the fence where a swing gates needs space to open inwards.

If you need to get more cars in your driveway then a sliding gate allows you to do this.  Another benefit, is  that the weight of the gate is on the wheels and the track. Whereas with a swing gate, the weight is on the posts, which with Adelaide soil means you may be vulnerable to movement. Movement is not possible with a sliding gate.

The posts and track are installed when the footing is poured which provides a neat quality finish.

Head on over to our Timber gates or Aluminium gates pages to see more examples of the sliding gates we’ve installed across Adelaide.

Single Access Gates

Single access gates are an important addition to secure your home. They stop anyone from just entering your property and also  keep animals or children from drifting out into the street. This ensures a complete peace of mind. Both our timber and aluminium gates will compliment your home and any existing fence or screen you have in place.  Whether you’re replacing an existing gate, renovating or need something new, our qualified tradesmen will measure, build and install your gate to ensure a perfectly fitting result every time.We then provide a wide variety of options to secure your gate ranging from pad bolts, latches to deadlocks, letterboxes and intercoms.   As a common rule, single gates are generally 1800 mm high but again we will custom make your gate to the size you wish.  Please view either the Timber gates, Aluminium gates or Steel gates pages to find a style of gate that will suit your home, then call us for a free measure and quote.

Driveway Gates in Adelaide

Driveway gates can be incorporated into any new or existing home project. We offer both double swing gates for driveways or single double span sliding gates that can be automated. When looking at cost, a custom made driveway gate in timber that is oiled or an Aluminium gate that is powder coated will come out at roughly the same cost in materials and fabrication.  A painted driveway gate will be slightly more expensive purely because of the cost of the paint and the fact it requires several layers to resist to outside weather conditions.   A double hinged driveway gate is a perfect solution for someone that doesn’t have the space to accommodate the track required for a sliding gate. All of our timber is hand selected, western red cedar to ensure the contrasting between light and dark colours for your gate are obtained.   Please click through our site to view a driveway gate in the style, colour and finish that you might like to have at your Adelaide home.

Garden Gates

Garden gates secure the passageway down the side of your home.  These are generally 1500 or 1800 mm high and then the width of your access. If your front yard is secured with a fence and gates across your driveway and entrance, a simple timber gate with a latch or bolt is the most common style to give pedestrians access.  If your front garden is open, then a Lokk Latch Deluxe will ensure complete security for any unwanted visitors getting in, or your pets and little ones out! Aluminium is also used and is a modern and popular choice.  Both can be stylishly matched to your home and existing fence.  Talk to us about what style will best suit your circumstance or continue browsing our website for a style that you like. Then please dont hesitate to call us to arrange a free measure & quote. We service Adelaide, inner suburban and seaside suburbs.

 Automatic Driveway Gates

Automatic driveway gates are a fantastic feature that give your home a great allure from the street.  Available in both swing and sliding variations, automatic gates are simple to operate and remove the need to get in and out of your car to open or close.   If we know that your driveway gate will be requiring automation now or in the future, we will build it with that in mind.  Adding automation to your existing or new driveway gate is a great addition but does require the gate to be built with a steel frame to accommodate the fixing of the automation system

If you choose an automatic timber gate, we recommend that the gate is oiled every 2 years. This will ensure it stands up to the tough South Australian climate. If you don’t like the idea of having to oil your  timber gate and are after a low maintenance option, we recommend choosing an aluminium gate for your driveway.

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